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Serving the Colorado Four Corners region of Durango, Cortez, Dolores, Silverton, Pagosa Springs and the Farmington, New Mexico region.

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Similar in shape and size to hot water flat plate collectors, those that are wall mounted can use an integral fan to take air from the home, heat it in the collector, and return it into the house. The fan can be dc powered by a small photovoltaic panel eliminating the need for a wiring run and a circuit breaker at the load center. A roof mounted system of several collectors can provide air flow to attic duct runs and make a large contribution to your home’s space heating. Note the photographs below.


We also refurbish whole house systems. Note the photographs. This house, with a system from the 1970’s, derives most of its space heating from the integrated air collectors.

Air collectors have the highest return on investment (ROI) of all the different types of solar systems if they are offsetting propane or electric heating.

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Heating a Living Space

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